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Company Culture

1. Hengyuan Staff Declaration

Born in a great revolution era, Lingling Hengyuan, like a ship sailing through the history, is facing the rising sun, carrying the ideals and beginning a new voyage.

I had been perplexed and melancholy; I had looked for the future and hope; I am fortunate to live in this era; and I am proud to work for Hengyuan.

I will be responsible and dedicated, work with an obedient and honest attitude, thoroughly get rid of the concept of status difference and employment, refuse excuse, despise complain and aspire to be master of Hengyuan forever.

I would like to carry forward the glorious tradition of our nation, adhere to socially accepted moral standards, strive to become a principle-obeying model, and regard the action and words damaging the honor of the company and harming the collective interests as stupidity and corruption of human.

I know that in reality there is no absolute fairness, but I do not give up the pursuit of fairness; I will dominate my life with mind, never be slaves of paranoia; and I will strive to do well, to be fair, disinterested, moral and prestigious.

I know that knowledge is power and knowledge is wealth. In the face of fierce competition and challenges, I will find and admit my insufficiency, overcome the mood of pessimism and complacency, advance with the times, learn life long and constantly exceed myself.

I believe in that “quality is life, product stands for moral quality” and abide by the commitment of “quality first, customer foremost”; I will devote all my enthusiasm and wisdom to each product, seek perfection, win praise and create surprise and moving things wholeheartedly.

Hengyuan has given me the platform for career and the real confidence. Thus, I will appreciate her and accept her completely, even though there will be hardships besides happiness on the road ahead.

Fate combines me with Hengyuan. I will always focus on the cause of Hengyuan. All my honor and dignity belong to Hengyuan. I am proud, as I am an excellent staff of Hengyuan!

2. Culture System

Corporate Mission:Provide strong green power for benefiting human.

Corporate Vision: Let Hengyuan light the world!

Hengyuan Spirit: Integrity, Unity, Pragmatics, Innovation.

Hengyuan Tenet: Serve the society sincerely and build the future hand in hand.

Hengyuan Objective: Strive for first class, and revitalize Hengyuan, our hometown and China as a whole.

Business Philosophy: Devote to the society with quality products.

Culture Concept:People-oriented, far-sighted.

Style Concept:Vigorous and speedy; implementing firmly.

Management Concept: Developing the company through technology and quality.

Quality Concept: Seeking better and best.

Corporate Code of Conduct:

  • Promise-keeping,perfect service;
  • Sincere cooperation,seeking win-win;
  • Returning society,benefiting mankind.

Staff Code of Conduct:

  • Love the job,devote to duty;
  • Abide by the law, follow public morals;
  • Study continuously,exploit and innovate;
  • Refuse to excuse,work efficiently;
  • Keep improving,seek excellence;
  • Serve wholeheartedly,appreciate society.