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Commitment quality

Commitment quality

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Our service department service personnel and installation teams have full-time staff of 30 people, including: engineers, senior technicians eight people, a stall waiter 20 people. To call the service, free installation guide and quality benefits of cross keys install as any.
Our aim is: think customers are thinking, be anxious users worry; the user needs is our instruction; user opinion is to give us guidelines; the user's interests and our interests mix together.
Our pledge is:
1, in the provision of the warranty period, the company provides technical services and guidance free installation, responsible for the engineering design, construction, installation, commissioning and trial operation involving the company's product quality problems. The company reasons because the unit can not operate normally or damaged parts, the company responsible for free repair or replacement.
2, to provide high-quality, favorable installation services, responsible for the technical training of the staff station.
3, within one year after the warranty period, the company still provide technical advisory services free of charge, according to cost price components, spare parts, accessories and maintenance and other services.
4. The power plant situation, after the company received a service request, promised to respond within four hours, service personnel in 1-3 days at the site, to provide fast quality service.

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