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Hydropower eight innings to break ten million kilowatts of installed capacity of production

Source:湖南日报 Date:2015-12-29 14:56

Hydropower eight innings to break ten million kilowatts of installed capacity of production

30 hydroelectric generating stations, two thermal power units, the highest number of individual enterprises and annual installed production capacity world records

Newspaper December 25 (correspondent all red Ponca reporter Wei-Feng Li) China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering Bureau eighth, Ltd. today announced the news, installed by the company in Nuozhadu Hydropower Station Unit 3 was officially put into operation recently. So far, hydropower eight innings completed 30 hydropower generating units at home and abroad this year, installation commissioning tasks two thermal power units with a total installed capacity of 10.305 million kilowatts, a record of individual enterprises in the power industry and the number of installed production capacity world records.

According to general manager of hydropower eight innings Zhu Suhua, this year installation, commissioning of 30 turbine units, all successful once filled with water, once started successfully, a success too fast, once and network successfully, a successful trial run, and the unit vibration, swing degree, run warm tile and other related technical parameters, or better than the manufacturers design requirements and national standards.

Construction of a hydropower project "leader" Over the years, hydropower eight innings in the field of power engineering construction, installation, and other units, with strong strength, to create a number of China and the world record. Especially in large generators installation, forming a unique fast installation technology, it has undertaken a five strong Creek Station, Sichuan Ertan Hydropower Station, the Three Gorges power plants and other large-scale hydropower project construction and installation unit. In China, generator sets installed by the hydropower eight innings, with a total capacity has more than 35 million kilowatts, as China's hydropower installed capacity ranks first in the world has made outstanding contributions.

In recent years, hydropower eight innings actively implement the "going out" strategy, has assumed the Vietnamese sun, Tuyen Quang, Boxia River five power stations, Cambodia re-Gan, vaudes, the amount of Le competitions four hydropower stations, Myanmar yeah career, said Jesus Hum, and units installed bamboo Lalanne India, Pakistan and Malaysia 兰坎 III, Bouvet Ghana, Uganda and other hydropower Cary Abuja; also the construction of a thermal power station building 7 Bangladesh, Indonesia, Venezuela, Malaysia and other countries, the installation engineering. The companies in foreign construction, installation commissioning of the power generation capacity of 700 million kilowatts.

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