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Our expansion renovation project efficiency power plant units acclaim jiubujiang

Writer:零陵恒远发电Source:零陵恒远发电 Date:2015-12-29 14:41

Port wine Hunan river power station has three original unit capacity of PO-263-BM 3000KW imitated Soviet model, TS325 / 44-22 turbine generator set, maximum head of 38.5m, rated head 31.7m, minimum head 24.5m. Due to the presence of the plant aging equipment, related parts and other security risks serious damage, combined with a national policy on expansion of rural water efficiency transformation, the owners decided to keep the draft tube buried under the following section does not change the premise of the turbine power generation units were synergistic expansion transformation. My company to undertake the station 2 # 3 # machine transformation tasks, our solution for HLXXX-LJ-132, SF3300-16 / 3050 turbine generator set, scope of the contract includes the design of the unit, manufacturing and installation. The project in April 2012 signed a contract by the end of 2012 a new unit in operation.

In the Retrofit program I am using an elastic self-regulating tray (thrust bearing force without playing), parabolic guide bush, efficient air cooler, no fan stator end back to the wind structure and other advanced technologies. Verification run for months: the performance indicators set to meet contract requirements, and better than the national standard. Unit structure, performance and appearance are superior to other manufacturers units, the owners are very satisfied.

▲ 2 #, 3 # machine unit jiubujiang appearance after the transformation power plant units

▲Hunan expansion of rural water efficiency transformation project completion and acceptance will be held in jiubujiang

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