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Sierra Leonean President visited Singapore Station

Source:湖南建工集团 中国电力网 Date:2015-12-29 14:54

December 25, 2013, the President of Sierra Leone, Koroma and senior officials in the Serbian Embassy Commercial Section of the Chinese Embassy in plug Accompanied zhouxiaoming counselor, visited the construction site of the third slope telioke Station. The power plant was built by the Chinese electrical design tasks owned Central Hospital, Hunan Construction Engineering Group construction, unit manufactured by Hunan Lingling Hengyuan Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd.

President Koroma and his party visited the dam, water systems and other factories Face and held on-site meetings at which the parties participating in the construction work in progress presented; zhouxiaoming Counsellor accompanied the inspection of a speech: "Cyprus established diplomatic relations 40 Over the years, a number of Chinese government aided engineering GOMA hydropower and other technology projects, and will continue to help the people of Sierra Leone to continue its assistance to the project. " President Koroma said in a speech last: a long history of friendship and Cyprus, thanks to the generous assistance of the Chinese government in Sierra Leone has long provided a strong impetus to plug in the highly praised Chinese companies to plug national economic development, and hoped that the Cypriot sides work closely with the relevant agencies that slope teluoke hydropower project completed early, as early as possible so that local people benefit.

Hydropower slope Te Luoke economic aid projects for the Chinese government, which is located in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone slope Te Luoke town, mainly to solve the slope Te Luoke town residents lighting, living and public electricity. The power plant is low-head water diversion power plant, installed capacity of 2000KW, mainly by the dam, water systems and ground plant composition, construction period of 27 months. The installed capacity of the project may be small, but as an inter-governmental aid projects, big political significance; to attract the attention of the Serbian people, the two governments also attach great importance. UNIDO Director-General Yumkella Candlewood Wako, Cypriot Vice President Su Mana, Chinese Ambassador to plug Kuang Weilin, Commercial Counsellor 邹小明 and many other Chinese and foreign officials have visited the site to guide the work.

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