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Nanyue airport in May will be officially shipping

Source:长沙晚报 Date:2015-12-29 14:55

(Reporter Li Chunpu) yesterday, Hengyang city government and the Provincial Airport Management Group signed a hosting agreement Nanyue airport, the airport management authority transferred to Provincial Airport Management Group. Nanyue airport in May this year will be officially opened to traffic.

Southern Mountain Airport is located in Hengyang City Hengnan County gathered in the town, is one of the major regional airports and the Civil Aviation Administration of the State Development and Reform Commission included in the national civil airport layout plan, as well as South Africa Airlines Center Hunan Changsha Huanghua Airport alternate airports, tourist airport. It expected 2020 4300 sorties taking off and landing aircraft, sending passengers 360,000 passengers
Nanyue airfield construction will be completed this month and acceptance, airport construction will be fully completed by the end of March, the acceptance of the airport, license, approval will be fully complete by the end of April. In addition to Changsha, the Southern Mountain airport will also seek opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Haikou, Kunming and other major cities on the route directions. According to the current 800 kilometers per hour on domestic routes jet computing, Huanghua Airport to Nanyue airport flight 12 minutes.

It is reported that, in addition to Nanyue airport, "five-second" period, the province also plans to build Yueyang Shaoyang Wugang airport and the airport, along with the existing Zhangjiajie, Changde, Huaihua and Yongzhou airport, the total number will reach 8 Hunan airport.

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