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2013 inventory of China's hydropower News

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2013 inventory of China's hydropower News

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  • Time of issue:2015-12-29 14:49
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(Summary description)Time flies, time flies. 2013 China's hydropower, it can be described as bright side, the side of malaise. Scenery is: the world's first 305 meters of Jinping High Arch Dam success pouring top, water a

2013 inventory of China's hydropower News

(Summary description)Time flies, time flies. 2013 China's hydropower, it can be described as bright side, the side of malaise. Scenery is: the world's first 305 meters of Jinping High Arch Dam success pouring top, water a

  • Categories:Industry News
  • Author:
  • Origin:中国能源报
  • Time of issue:2015-12-29 14:49
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Time flies, time flies. 2013 China's hydropower, it can be described as bright side, the side of malaise. Scenery is: the world's first 305 meters of Jinping High Arch Dam success pouring top, water and electricity production figures to produce a beautiful answer ...... concern is: a serious shortage of water and electricity number of newly started, in 2020 real emission reduction commitments hard cash, accumulated over the years of conflict simmering water and electricity industry ......

2013, what event worth remembering? What are people moving moment? Please pay attention to China Energy News Hydropower version annual Juxian - inventory of China's top ten hydropower industry news --2013 China Hydropower memory.

1 scale hydropower approved emergency start

According to statistics from the National Energy Board, "second five" first half of the total new hydropower installed capacity of 31.5 million kilowatts, to achieve the 2015 goal of 290 million kilowatts established foundation. But as of now, conventional hydropower approve started about 26.84 million kilowatts scale, scale pumped storage power station started about eight million kilowatts, 1/4 less than the amount approved by the planning objectives of a record low in 2013: 4.22 million kilowatts conventional hydropower, pumped storage Can 600,000 kilowatts.

Comment: In order to ensure the realization of "2020 non-fossil fuels in primary energy consumption up to 15%" of the development goals, which contribute more than 8% rely on hydropower. Current structural adjustment pressures, haze struck people how to achieve "self-reliance does not suck", it is a great test of the wisdom of the energy industry to decision-makers and managers. If you simply "descendants cool", I do not know "predecessors trees" for "Thirteen Five" basis, 31.5 million kilowatts is enough to make people sit back and relax. But how do the future? We want to haze or to the blue sky? Probably have to increase the cleaning including hydropower renewable energy job.

2 High Head's first pumped storage power station into operation localization

April 16, Fujian Xianyou pumped storage power station Unit 1 power plant start-up acceptance by the Commission of acceptance, and the grid put into commercial operation. The project to install four stand-alone capacity of 300,000 kilowatts of autonomy of the single-stage reversible vertical Francis units, up and down the pool of up to 470 meters gap, becoming China's current production of the highest head pumped storage power station.

Comment: Localization 10 years long way to Xianyou pumped storage production as a symbol, our country finally has a 300,000 kilowatts, 500 m head grade pumped storage units domestically strength. Although we now have a higher water head in construction, but in any case can not forget leap every square foot of the foundation stone.

3 Xiluodu hydropower production

May 4, ranking China second in the world's third official Xiluodu hydropower impoundment. July 15, Xiluodu officially put into operation the first unit.

Comments: Another is a decade. Xiluodu Hydropower Station, and Xiangjiaba hydropower together, after years of fierce battle, as an important outcome of the Jinsha River hydropower development, and its impoundment, marking China's first 300 m level digitized Arch basically completed.

Meanwhile, as the country "west to east" of key projects, which overcomes the high seismic zone, high arch, high head and large discharge flow and many other world-class technical difficulties during its construction set a variety of modern dams currently the world technology in one, creating a level of 300 m high arch dam construction digitized precedent.

4 Gan then hydropower become a "going out" masterpiece

June 4, took four years to build Cambodia star project - Gan then hydropower passed the final acceptance. Then in July, the Cambodian general election, held once every five years, Gan then hydropower as the government of Cambodia Hun Sen in Cambodia, the country's achievements appears streets.

Comments: Gan then hydropower in Cambodia have become the dazzling star, I am afraid not only because it acts as the Cambodian government elections chips. But also because it is China's first hydropower to BOT (build - operate - transfer) investment and development mode, by far the largest foreign investment in hydropower projects. Whether is April 8, 2006 he was appointed Premier Wen Jiabao and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen attended the Gan then hydropower symbolic groundbreaking ceremony, or the generation ceremony December 7, 2011 Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen personally willing to re-start the First Generation Station units, have proved their significance. Today, China's hydropower has created a global star after another: Malaysia's Bakun, 苏丹麦洛维 is a masterpiece of China's hydropower to go out, but also the strength of China's hydropower witness.

5 National Energy Board to strengthen the pumped storage power station management

June 18, the National Energy Board to the "national energy New Energy [2013] No. 243" Wen issued "on the strengthening of pumped storage power plant operation management notice" (the "Notice").

August 29, the National Energy Board to the "national energy New Energy [2013] No. 318" Wen issued "on the issuance of pumped storage power station is scheduled to run Guidelines notice." (The "Guidelines")

Since then, the country pumped storage power plant operation management rules to follow.

Comments: The power system knows that pumped storage is a treasure. It has peak shaving and valley filling, FM phase and emergency standby and other functions, is to ensure grid security, stability, an important guarantee for economic operation. But in recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of the power system, increasing the proportion of tertiary industry and residential electricity, the rapid development of renewable energy power, peaking conflicts, power cuts and abandoned abandoned abandoned water wind light and other issues outstanding . To make "security guards" really play its due role, we must attach great importance to pumped storage power plant operation and management, optimized power dispatching effectively play power station has been built in the settlement of conflicts grid valley run to ensure safe and stable operation of power systems, improve power consumptive renewable energy power capacity to ensure the role of efficient use of energy and other aspects.

6 standard English version of China's first hydropower public offering

In August 2013, under the National Standardization Management Committee and the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, the China Electric Power Construction Group Co., Ltd. owned China Hydropower Engineering Consulting Group, Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design Organization, a senior expert finishing translation of "China Electric Power Industry Standard (English ) "was published by the China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Press. This is China's first hydropower standard with "CHINACODE" logo.

Comment: Throughout the historical process of global expansion of Western countries, paving the way to become a standard to promote a trump card. China wants to raise water and electricity go right to speak, the standard is undoubtedly essential for the promotion of a ring.

The standard first launch 30 sets / present, involving hydropower project planning, investigation, design and construction, is by far China's largest hydropower industry first set, covering the widest and most complete variety of English standards. As an important technical foundation work of water conservancy and hydropower construction industry and international standards, the need to adapt to economic globalization and improve the "Chinese engineering standard," the international level, to enhance the international influence of science and technology of China's hydropower, enhance Chinese enterprises Hydropower international market competitiveness will play an important role.

7 Longtan Three Gorges eligible for FIDIC century major project award

September 15 to 18, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC, English transliteration of the first letter of "FIDIC") 2013 Annual Meeting held FIDIC Centennial Conference of the establishment in Barcelona,​​Spain. China 13 projects were "a hundred years of major projects Award", which, Longtan Hydropower Station and the Three Gorges Project were given "a hundred years of major civil engineering" Outstanding Award and Excellence Award.

Comments: FIDIC was founded in 1913, it is a global engineering consulting industry's most authoritative international organization. 2013, on the occasion of its centennial in FIDIC great achievements since its century global engineering consulting industry achieved recognition for the promotion of human economic and social development and improve the quality of life and make outstanding contributions to engineering and engineers, which ranked in the world's 94 countries and three regional members for the first time carried out within the scope of the Association, a total of 36 projects and six consulting engineers awarded. China has included the Three Gorges Project, the Longtan Hydropower Station 13 construction projects and three Chinese Consulting Engineers Awards, winning the most number of countries become. This is also the first Chinese hydropower project in the world in honor PK, must redouble their efforts will inspire the people of China's hydropower, creating more shine global work.

DC 8 gold project approved contradictions exposed hydropower industry

October 8th, the National Development and Reform Commission of "Development and Reform Energy [2013] No. 1968 text" transmission project formally approved the Jinsha River - Golden DC project, which lasted nearly four years for the game to an end.

Comments: this protracted contest began in interest in December 2009 the National Energy Board agreed to carry out preparatory work for the gold in the DC project, which lasted nearly four years behind the game, fully exposed the central and local governments and local grid companies, transmission end and by the end of conflicting interests between electricity. In addition to stakeholders outside their calculations and considerations, it is electricity reform is not in place for many years, the price formation mechanism unreasonable ills of a concentrated outbreak. Contradiction contradiction, the contradiction between power generation companies and power grid enterprises, the central and local hydropower development and hydropower resources are becoming scarce on the financial power between the powers assigned to all on this project reflected most vividly. For the healthy development of the hydropower industry, we need to be further rationalize the mechanism, a clear responsibility and rights of the parties to participate.

9 hydropower industry's first risk management GB baked

November 1, the China Electricity Council, China Hydropower Engineering Society jointly organized the compilation of the hydropower industry's first national standards for risk management "and medium-sized hydropower project construction risk management practices" by the approval of the Ministry of Housing and Urban officially released, will on June 1, 2014 formally implemented.

Comments: In recent years, high seismic intensity, high degree of complex geological construction area often face attack collapses, landslides, mudslides and other natural disasters. Given the current main battlefield of China's hydropower has gradually penetrated the southwestern region of the objective reality, to develop a set of risk identification for construction, evaluation and control measures are very necessary.

10 JinpingI world's highest arch dam across the board to the top

December 23, the world's highest arch dam - 305 meters Yalong Jinping pouring concrete double arch top line.

Comments: The top line of Jinping I hyperbolic arch dam, China's hydropower sector is not only a major event, it is an important milestone in the history of the dam in the world. Its top line, marking the official dam technology world ushered in the era of 300 meters. This new height of 305 meters in the world behind the rise, is a history of struggle to break a series of Chinese engineers and world-class problem of daytime. History will bear in mind this moment, and cast them into the towering dam struggle history, ancient rivers.

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